Scientific Validation

Urinary Bladder Matrix (UBM) has been researched extensively and its characteristics have been shown to be beneficial for various wound and surgical applications.

  • Trauma & reconstructive surgery

  • Esophageal reconstruction

  • Abdominal wall repair

  • Urology

  • Pelvic floor reconstruction

  • Advanced wound care

The following is a non-exhaustive list of published and peer-reviewed scientific articles involving Urinary Bladder Matrix (UBM). This information is for educational purposes only.

Clinical Studies

Management of open lower extremity wounds with concomitant fracture using a porcine urinary bladder matrix.

Wounds. 2016; 28(11): 342-349. Kraemer BA†, Geiger SE, Deigni OA, Watson JT.

A comparative analysis of skin substitutes used in the management of diabetic foot ulcers.

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Decellularized matrix and supplemental at grafting leads to regeneration following traumatic fingertip amputation.

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Management of open distal lower extremity wounds with exposed tendons using porcine urinary bladder matrix.

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An evaluation of tissue engineering approaches for management of neuropathic diabetic foot ulcers resistant to standard of care: An interim analysis.

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An acellular biologic scaffold treatment for volumetric muscle loss: results of a 13-patient cohort study.

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Hiatal hernia repair with novel biological graft reinforcement.

Journal of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons. 2016; 20(2): doi: 10.4293/JSLS.2016.00016. Sasse KC†, Warner DL, Ackerman E, Brandt J.

Novel use of porcine urinary bladder matrix for pediatric pilonidal wound care: preliminary experience.

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Novel treatment of a septal ulceration using an extracellular matrix scaffold (septal ulceration treatment using ECM).

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Right atrial tumor resection and reconstruction with use of an acellular porcine bladder membrane.

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Extracellular matrix scaffold in diaphragmatic crura reinforcement during laparoscopic repair of large hiatal hernia.

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Percutaneous bioorganic sealing of duodenal fistulas:Case report and review of biological sealants with potential use in interventional radiology.

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Enterocutaneous fistula: Successful treatment of two cases with urinary bladder matrix xenograft.

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Endoscopic deployment of MatriStem for treatment of a colorectal anastomotic leak.

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Hair restoration surgery: challenges and solutions.

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Short-term results of treating primary and recurrent anal fistulas with a novel extracellular matrix derived from porcine urinary bladder.

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Esophageal Reinforcement with a Extracellular Scaffold During Total Gastrectomy for Gastric Cancer.

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Septal perforation repair without intraoperative mucosal closure.

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Pre-Clinical Studies

Urinary bladder matrix scaffolds strengthen esophageal hiatus repair.

Journal of Surgical Research. 2016; 204:344-50. Riganti JM, Ciotola F, Amenabar A, Craiem D, Graf S, Badaloni A, Gilbert TW*, Nieponice A‡.

Matrix-bound nanovesicles within ECM bioscaffolds.

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Injectable extracellular matrix hydrogels as scaffolds for spinal cord injury repair.

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Inhibition of COX1/2 alters the host response and reduces ECM scaffold mediated constructive tissue remodeling in a rodent model of skeletal muscle injury.

Acta Biomaterialia. 2015. Dearth CL, Slivka PF, Steward SA, Keane TJ, Tay JK, Londono R, Goh Q, Pizza FX, Badylak SF.

Acetylated bacterial cellulose coated with urinary bladder matrix as a substrate for retinal pigment epithelium.

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In vitro evaluation of acellular porcine urinary bladder extracellular matrix – A potential scaffold in tissue engineered skin.

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Concentration-dependent rheological properties of ECM hydrogel for intracerebral delivery to a stroke cavity.

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An acellular biologic scaffold does not regenerate appreciable de novo muscle tissue in rat models of volumetric muscle loss injury.

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