Healing Through Regenerative Medicine

ACell’s products are medical devices that maintain and support a healing environment through remodeling of site-appropriate, functional tissue. Our products are a complex protein scaffold obtained from the tissue of pigs, which has a structure nearly identical to that of human tissue.

Available in particle and sheet form, ACell’s products are appropriate for the topical management of wounds and various surgical procedures. The use of pig tissue is an established practice and a variety of pig tissues have been implanted in humans for medical purposes for more than 40 years.

ACell’s medical devices are available only by prescription through a United States physician, hospital or clinic. Only a physician can determine the best treatment for you. Talk to your doctor about the benefits of ACell’s products.

ACell Patient Education Brochure

In this brochure, you’ll learn about Cytal® and MicroMatrix® wound management devices, where they come from, safety and side effects, what you can expect from treatment, and tips for protecting the wound following application. We’ve also included a Notes page to help you stay organized and list questions you have for your physician. Print the brochure and be sure to bring to your next appointment with your doctor.

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Download Patient Education Brochure

VIDEO: How ACell’s Devices Help Patients Heal

In the video at right, you can see how Gentrix® Surgical Matrix technology facilitates remodeling in an abdominal wall surgery. ACell’s core MatriStem UBM™ technology helps facilitate the formation of site-appropriate, functional tissue through remodeling.