Not Your Ordinary ECM

Please note that the images and videos on this site are graphic in nature and may not be appropriate for some audiences. These images are intended to provide examples of successful case outcomes.

Our products excel where other advanced therapies have failed.

We have had significant success with challenging and otherwise high morbidity cases in which the application of our devices resulted in completely healed injuries, improved quality of life, and in many cases avoidance of amputation. These extraordinary patient accounts demonstrate the significant patient and economic benefits that ACell’s products may offer.

While these clinical experiences are valid, the results are not necessarily typical, indicative, or representative of all procedures in which ACell’s devices are used. ACell’s product line of medical devices has been used successfully in many patients by physicians of varying specialties during a variety of medical procedures. Complications, reactions, and/or adverse events are possible with any medical intervention. It is not possible to predict or warrant specific results, nor is it possible to guarantee patient and/or clinician satisfaction.