ACell’s Commitment to an Ethical Business Environment and Compliance with the Law

ACell is committed to conducting its business ethically and to observing all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. All employees and directors are regularly trained on corporate and compliance policies, and each member of the ACell team takes ACell’s commitment to business ethics seriously.

Letter From Leadership

As a leader in the field of regenerative medicine, ACell (the “Company”) has an obligation to maintain a steadfast reputation as a company that is ethically responsible. Our comprehensive Ethics and Compliance program is at the core of this effort. The Compliance program supports and enhances all of ACell’s business efforts by providing clear guidelines for our employees and other stakeholders, as well as reducing our level of risk.

The products we make affect people’s lives. Without the trust of our valued stakeholders – from customers and the patients they serve to our employees and shareholders – none of ACell’s successes would be possible. The Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct (the “Standards”) outlined here are essential to our shared goal of building and maintaining that trust. The Standards also reflect our Company values.

Our corporate integrity is critical to our collective achievement. Each employee or agent who acts for ACell is responsible for its good name. We must demonstrate our commitment to ethical business practices in all of our actions, both inside and outside the Company. Therefore, ACell expects every employee to comply with the principles and guidelines laid out in these Standards.

The purpose of these Standards is to provide an overview of expected ethical behavior, answer questions about what is and is not appropriate conduct, and explain how to report possible violations of law or ethical principles within ACell. We know that many of the issues we routinely encounter are complex, and that most of us are not legal experts. However, we do expect that the entire ACell team will use sound judgement and common sense as we strive to comply with these Standards and other applicable requirements, and that our employees and agents will seek advice when any uncertainty arises.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Senior Management Team, we want to emphasize the importance of complying with these Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct, and thank you for your ongoing efforts to keep ACell’s reputation strong.

Report Ethics and Compliance Concerns

You may call our Ethics and Integrity Helpline anonymously at 844-620-0004 or visit You also have the option to email concerns or questions to: or complete our online Compliance form below. Please note: You must include company name with report.

View ACell’s Online Compliance Form

ACell Open Payments Program

Open Payments is a U.S. federal regulation which became law as part of the 2010 Healthcare Reform Act. The law requires ACell to track and report identified payments and transfers of value provided to physicians and teaching hospitals.

View ACell’s Open Payments Program Overview

California Declaration

ACell maintains a comprehensive Corporate Compliance Program, which encompasses the compliance requirements stated in the California Health and Safety Code.

View ACell’s California Declaration

CMPL-018.0 10/2016