ACell’s Board of Directors consists of industry veterans who bring a wealth of knowledge and deep experience to their role in leading the Company’s activities.

Kyle C. Kerbawy


Kyle Kerbawy retired in 2009 as Managing Director, Bank of New York Mellon, where he managed information technology and operations for the Investment Plans Division of the Bank. He was previously CEO of MAVRICC Management Systems, which he co-founded in 1980 and which was acquired by The Bank of New York in 2001. Prior to that he was president and managing owner of a Detroit-based manufacturing company. Since retirement, Mr. Kerbawy has founded and operated two small, single-purpose companies, BKS Associates (residential real estate leasing) and Medical Device Sales Corporation (medical device sales). Mr. Kerbawy was an initial investor in ACell, and is one of the company’s largest shareholders.

Patrick A. McBrayer

Patrick A. McBrayer joined ACell as President and Chief Executive Officer in 2016. Mr. McBrayer is on the Board of Directors of Misonix Inc (NASDAQ:MSON), which markets therapeutic ultrasound medical devices world-wide. He has recently advised medical device companies in spine, orthopedics and biotechnology. Mr. McBrayer was President and Chief Executive Officer of AxioMed Spine Corporation until the company was acquired in 2014. He has over 20 years healthcare senior management experience and served as an Infantry Officer Company Commander in the U.S. Army prior to beginning his business career.

David W. Anderson

David Anderson is currently President and CEO of Orteq Ltd. and CellCoTec Ltd., both commercial stage companies in the orthopaedic regenerative medicine market. He also serves as Chairman of Gentis, Inc., a clinical stage spinal implant company, which he joined in 2004. Mr. Anderson has been a successful entrepreneur in the medical device field for more than 25 years, and he has been a part of the creation and growth of eight Orthopaedic organizations; Osteotech (Founder and Exec VP), Bionx Implants (CEO), Replication Medical (Founder and Director), Orteq Ltd. (Founder and Chairman, Synergy Biomedical (Director, Aperion Biomedical (Director), Soft Tissue Regeneration (SAB member), and Gentis (CEO). In addition to his orthopaedic experience, Mr. Anderson also served as CEO of Kensey Nash and Sterilox Technologies. Over his career, he has raised over $275 million in capital, taken a company through the IPO route onto NASDAQ, and has been a part of multiple M&A transactions.

Louis “Skip” Baldino

Skip Baldino is President and CEO of EndoGastric Solutions. Prior to assuming his current role, he served for four years as President, Americas for Given Imaging, where he was part of the senior leadership team that successfully sold the company to Covidien (subsequently acquired by Medtronic). Prior to Given Imaging, he enjoyed a distinguished 26-year career at Abbott Laboratories. While there, Mr. Baldino established an outstanding track record of consistent and high-performing financial and organizational success. His experience encompasses various key customer segments, as well as a wide range of product portfolios, product life-cycles, new product launches, and integrations. As a divisional Vice President, he held key commercial leadership roles in Diabetes Care, Diagnostics, Medical Products (Corporate), Hospital Products (now known as Hospira), Health Systems, and Specialty Products.

Sally L. Maher

Sally Maher joined ACell as Interim Chief Operating Officer in 2018. Ms. Maher continues to serve on the ACell Board of Directors. She previously served as Vice President of Regulatory and Clinical Affairs at Edwards Lifesciences, Critical Care. She has more than 25 years of medical device and combination product experience in regulatory, clinical, reimbursement, healthcare compliance, and product development.

Prior to joining Edwards, Ms. Maher held various Senior Vice President roles at Smith & Nephew’s Advanced Surgical Products Division including: Regulatory and Clinical Affairs, Reimbursement and Healthcare Economics, Healthcare Compliance, Research and Development, and New Business Development. Prior to Smith & Nephew, Ms. Maher worked in regulatory, quality, and clinical roles for various organizations including Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and the US Food and Drug Administration. She received a bachelor’s degree from Ohio Wesleyan University, and a law degree from the University of Baltimore.

John “Jack” McDonnell, Jr.

Jack McDonnell is currently Chairman of Phoenix Managed Networks, a company in the business of communicating and processing credit card transactions. He retired in 2008 as Chairman and CEO of TNS, a company he founded in 1990 and sold in 1999. He subsequently bought it back in 2002 and took it to the NYSE in 2006. In addition, he has successfully participated in the sale of three private companies where he served on the Board. In addition, he has previously served on the ACell Board.

Martin Pfingsgraff

Martin Pfingsgraff has been a director of PNC since January of 2018. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the International Association of Credit Portfolio Managers. He is also Founder and CEO of MP Alpha, an advisory firm, and was previously Senior Deputy Comptroller and a member of the Executive Committee at the Office of Comptroller of the Currency. He has held senior leadership positions at Prudential Securities, Prudential Insurance, Mellon Bank, and WorldAware (previously iJET International). He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Allegheny College and a Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. In addition, he has previously served on the ACell Board.